The STZ project is located in Khambrawanla village, 5 km away from Sialkot International Airport, Sialkot. With its approved work schedule, the construction progress during reporting period from Jan-Jun 2018, includes completion of 04 new Roads in zone A. Initiation of conveyance system (approx. 34 Km of length) comprising of Effluent and storm water drains at Road 11 to Road 30, Electrification of Tannery zone and completion of two store halls each of 2500 sq. ft. along camp office at site. Additional work at boundary wall, pavements and main gate includes associated repairs of pavements is completed on regular basis.

The following is a brief description of the each observed work in place:


The main entrance is standing tall at the entrance of the STZ. The main entrance is designed to restrict the movement of people and objects through controlled spaces and will provide industrial machine safeguarding. It is designed to use two-way flow control, one-at-a-time flow control with security guard room. Another purpose for this entrance is to prevent or control the entry or exit of individuals in terms of security. STAGL has already taken proactive measures by engaging private security company for 24/7 security. On site main access roads and parking areas are also graded.


All road network in tannery zone are completed up to sub-base level except black top. During UNIDO’s assisted study tour in Bursa, Turkey in 2017, STAGL management as a lesson learnt, is considering option of installing tuff tile instead on roads. In reporting period, 04 new roads demarcated in master layout plan which were approved and constructed after readjustment of plots.  construction committee meetings have been held so far to discuss schedules, work progress, bill approvals, budget, submittals, and other current issues

Roads Planned = 14.83 Km

60’=10.65 Km

90’=2.52 Km


Roads Completed = 75 %

Roads Completed up till Base Level = 6.79 Km

Roads Completed up till Sub Base Level = 6.98 Km

Roads Completed up till Black Top = 1.06 Km


GEPCO (Gujranwala Electric Power Company) in an   engagement with STAGL started on the process of electrification in STZ.   The first agreements for contract is to provide 4.9 MWs supply to be   connected directly to the GEPCO administered transmission grid from   existing Godahpur Grid station. The process was executed in Jan 2018.   The   GEPCO working for installation of supply began with concrete poles,   copper  wire installation and electric connectors and subsequently, visible   progress  is evident, wherein 420/550 poles are embarked. To safely   place the electric  material, STAGL constructed two store halls each of   2500   sq. ft. near camp  office area.

Concrete Poles Installation

Electric Cable & connectors installation

Poles to be installed 

Poles required as per design

Poles installed




60% installed

Completion Time

Completion Time

Dec 2018

Dec 2018


The detailed drawings of the entire conveyance system of STZ including the storm water, tanneries effluents carrying channels and sewerage, drainage system have been got developed by local consultant and approved by relevant quarters. The tenders were floated in last quarter of 2017, the contract for construction of channels and culverts with the cost of Rs. 485 Million awarded and the construction of channels was started in Jan 2018 which is well in progress.

As per master layout plan, Zone A carries both effluent and storm water drains. Excavations, base, lean for drains at all roads are completed and at Road number 12, 21, 22, drains are completed with walled channels.

Conveyance Channels

Planned (km)

Completed (km)(Bed/Walls)

Progress (%)

Storm water

11.82 Km

2.4 Km


Cr free stream

4.68 Km

265 M


Cr streams

18.95 Km

4.46 Km


Completion Time

Jan 2019